Chick Hatching 4 Kids

The most fun, reliable and educational experience of its kind for organized kids groups & classrooms in the Capital Region.

Let our chick hatching experts properly provide a guaranteed and safe chick hatching experience for your classroom or youth program.

The success rate of teachers trying to attempt this project results in failure more than 50% of the time. Either the chicks are never properly fertilized to begin with, or embryo death “in the shell” occurs. In either case, the result is a very disappointing experience and memory for the students.

Even worse, seeing the chicks hatch but quickly die afterwards due to improper procedures can be traumatizing to the students. There is more work involved than you might think to achieve the ultimate goal of your incubated eggs hatching successfully!

Here’s How It Works

1) Reserve a Monday-Thursday date at least one month in advance that fits your class schedule. Just use the form below to request a time.

2) Our staff will work behind the scenes, making sure that your 10 chick eggs are properly incubated and timed perfectly so that they will hatch one to one and a half days after the reserved presentation date.

3) A staff member will arrive on the reserved date, bringing the all glass “see through” incubator to be set up at a location of the teacher or school’s choice. (Nearby electrical outlets are required). On this same day, the staff member will present a 30-minute Powerpoint presentation (with videos and pictures), explaining the process of inception to conception of a chick. We also describe the differences between fertilized eggs and the eggs that we eat, as well as how eggs reach our supermarkets. A question and answer segment is offered after the presentation.

4) The eggs with the humidified incubator (along with the heat lamp, water and feed inside), are left overnight at the school. Hatching can start occurring overnight, into the following full day. Up to 6 of the 10 eggs are guaranteed to hatch.

5) On the next day (or right after the eggs are hatched), your staff member will return to check the health and status of the hatching chicks, and place the chicks in a larger container (called a Broder) with a heat lamp. School staff can then decide from that point how long they would like their new friends to stay and play with the students, up to 3 days maximum. Chicks can be handled after one complete day of being hatched.

Lastly, and most importantly, the chicks are brought back to the farm that initially fertilized the eggs, to join its fellow chicken and rooster family.

The price of our service ranges between $300 and $350, depending on distance from the northern Capital District Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one classroom participate with the one reservation?

Yes, so long that the total of students participating in the experience is not more than approximately sixty students. Discounts are offered for multiple presentations and/or chick hatching locations throughout the school within the same day!

Would the teacher (or school staff) have to do any work after reserving?

Not much! We just need you to have a plan on where to have the presentation and a secure table (with access to a power outlet) to place the incubator.

Who is behind this service?

My name is Lee Waddell. My primary job is actually as an accomplished event musician. As much as I love bringing joy to newlyweds and others with my music, I also love to teach children about the wonder of life through chick hatching.

A fun highlight of the presentation: One or two of the chick eggs will be candled (lighting the inside of the shell) to see the chick moving!

candled egg

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